2012 Crypter

[+]Working on : XP/VISTA/7 [32/64 BIT]
[+]Unicode Os Support
[+]Private Encrypted Fud RunPE
[+]RunPE #1 (Special RunPE Coded In VB)
[+]RunPE #2 (Special RunPE Coded In C#)
[+]Custom Injection
[+]Drop & Run
[+]Default Browser
[+]9 Different Encryptions
[+]Polymorphic Encryption
[+]File Binder
[+]Binds Any File (.jpg, .mp3, .pdf, .wmv etc.)
[+]One time execution Binder added
[+]Compressed OutPut
[+]40% Small Output then the server size
[+]Custom encryption Pool
[+]Creates an Unicode Pass for encryption
[+]25+ Antis
[+]Kills most Of all
[+]2 Start-Up Methods
[+]Add to Start-up Folder
[+]Custom Start-up Name
[+]Use your desired Start-up name
[+]Custom Install Path
[+]My Documents
[+]Hide File
[+]Hides the file After It runs
[+]4 Worm Functions
[+]USB Spreader
[+]RAR Spreader
[+]Zip Spreader
[+]Lan Spreader
[+]4 Disablers
[+]Task Manager
[+]System Restore
[+]System Registry
[+]NT Header
[+]Protects output from reflection
[+]File Persistence
[+]Protects your file from Getting Deleted
[+]Melt File
[+]Deletes itself at the end, When ran
[+]Bypass Firewall
[+]Bypass into network security of firewall
[+]Bypass UAC
[+]Bypass any UAC level in Vista & 7
[+]Assembly Changer
[+]Set desired assembly in the output file
[+]File Cloner
[+]Clone Assembly of any executable
[+]Icon Changer
[+]Get your desired icon in the output file
[+]Extension Spoofer
[+]Set any extension to the output (.jpg, .pdf, .txt, .mp3, .wmv)
[+]Automatically Updates when any Update is available.
[+]Updated almost twice a week
[+]Dynamic HWID
[+]Changes your HWID on your need
[+]Custom Process Name: (Added Soon)
[+]Set the Process your Desired Name
[+]Botkiller (Added Soon)
[+]Kills all Rats & keyloggers from PC 

2012 Private Crypter tested and works with

[√] BlackShades RAT
[√] BlackShades HTTP
[√] Blackshades Stealer
[√] Blackshades Fusion
[√] CyberGate
[√] DarkComet 5
[√] SpyNet
[√] XtremeRAT
[√] iStealer
[√] DDoSeR
[√] Albertino’s Advanced RAT
[√] Poison Ivy
[√] Cerberus
[√] xDoseR
[√] Turkojan 4 Gold
[√] Dark DDoser
[√] Cammy
[√]Rapzo Logger ( Public & Private Edition )
[√]XYZ Logger (All Versions)
[√]Predator Pain (All Versions)
[√]541′s Keylogger (All Versions)
[√]Jays Keylogger
[√]r3d0n l0GG3r (All Versions)
[√]{Project Neptune (All Versions)
[√]Works With all .net Keyloggers
Application with [√] Sign Works Only With Special Stubs For .Net Files.

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