ClientMesh 5

ClientMesh is a Remote Administration Application which allows a user to control a number of client PCs from around the world. Need to help out a customer who is having trouble setting up a piece of software? No worries, ClientMesh will enable you to control the client’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it, with support for mouse and keyboard input! You can also chat with the client while you do so. Got a Network to manage? With ClientMesh you can connect to unlimited systems, and administer them collectively or individually. You can transfer files between systems, view all the screens of the systems simultaneously and perform maintenance actions. Send a message to all of them with one click, chat with the systems, run commands via the remote command prompt,there’s a huge range of functions suited for network management. ClientMesh also provides as an efficient way of performing surveillance on a specific system. If you want to monitor all keystrokes on your computer while you are away, or want to make sure your child is being safe while using the computer, the built in tools such as the keystroke capturer, screen viewer and process manager will aid you to do so.

With Client Mesh You Can

=> Control many remote computers at once, performing various tasks ranging from viewing their screens to uploading and downloading files from them
=> Perform maintenance on a Network
=> Help a client out by using the screen capture feature, even if they are on the other side of the world
=> Monitor a specific PC, recording the keystrokes and remotely managing the files
=> Access your computer that you have at home if you are on holiday
=> Monitor the computers of students and their activity while teaching a computing lesson
=> Chat with clients that you are connected to

Whether you need a tool for network management and maintenance, client management, surveillance or having remote access to your PC on holiday, ClientMesh is for you!

 All Features

=> Screen Capture with mouse and keyboard input with 3 different levels to optimise speed and quality at will
=> View a live stream of all systems simultaneously
=> Control all systems simulataneously with their own individual control panels
=> KeyStroke Logger to capture keys pressed by the user
=> Monitor the webcam to ensure only authorized personel have access to the remote system
=> View Information of the remote system including their username, RAM, global location, network info, CPU
=> View information about the client file itself including the single instance mutex key (used to prevent multiple clients running on a PC), the ports being used
=> View a list of all running processes with the ability to close selected processes with a click
=> Remote command prompt to run commands as if you were sitting by that computer
=> The remote file explorerer allows you to transfer files between the you and the remote system with ease, ability to add files to a download queue and simultaeneously download files in different ports
=> UPnP port mapper which automatically maps ports if your router supports UPnP (Most routers do)
=> Ability to chat with a selected client
=> Send an alert to a client in the form of a mesagebox
=> Download and execute a file from your own system or from the net on the remote systems
=> Ability to instantiate a mass download and execute from a URL (useful to install software on all systems at once)
=> Run Batch and VBS scripts on the remote system, along with HTML code
=> Ability to set a nickname for each client that connects
=> Choose between visible and invisible mode for the client file
=> Shut down, restart and log off a single or selected or all remote systems
=> View the locations of all connected clients on a map
=> Take down notes of events for future references
=> Update a client with a new client file everytime a new version of ClientMesh is released
=> Set the application to use more CPU if you are on a higher powered machine
=> Notification bubbles to show when a client has connected
=> Refresh a client if any network interruptions occur
=> Set own Company information for the generated client file to personalize it
=> Build log when creating a client file to show any errors that could have occured
=> You will recieve your own Username and Password to uuse to log in to the software.
=> Online panel where you may edit your license

System Requirement

=> Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
=> .NET Framework 2.0 or later (download from Microsoft here)
=> Internet Connection
=> Atleast 512MB of RAM
=> Ability to portforward OR have UPnP enabled on router

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