Runescape Logger

RuneScape is a fantasy multiplayer online game (MMORPG) released in January 2001. Till now there are many cases in which people tried hacking gold from other accounts by hacking thier accounts.So, there developed many fake runescape loggers.

You might have seen many Runescape keyloggers, Runescape ddos tools that claim to be working 100% for free but they wont work as they promised because they are crap. We have spent well over 25 hours coding this and have tested it for well over five hours as well. Every feature works in this, and you wont be disappointed.This piece of software is coded in and works with all operating systems.

=> Clear Logs
=> News Feed
=> Preset Settings
=> Add To Start Up
=> Melt File
=> Screenshots (V2)
=> Icon Changer
=> File Pumper
=> Mutex
=> Cure Self

Screen => Click Here

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